Nov 2, 2021 • 9M

Granny Nancy’s Seven Year old Great Granddaughter chats about having a Granny in Heaven now 💝

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‘Living and Laughing with Lou’ is a podcast with Lou in the driving seat and you as her company. Lou is driving a bus by the way so there’s loads of room for everyone& the main aim is to have fun,chats & to keep each other company on this journey called life. Lou lives with her 107 year old grandmother, famously known as ‘Granny Nancy’ across the world & loves every fibre of her being. Granny is her first guest & is Lou’s inspiration for living & laughing through this pandemic. She hopes you enjoy listening in on their life together. Join Lou on
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Myself and seven year old lauren who is my niece & also the great granddaughter of Granny Nancy chats about her thoughts on Heaven & how that all works. She also speaks about how Granny Nancy is a saint & how the magic of her new powers work! Granny & Lauren were 100 years apart in age but held a very close friendship as you will hear in this podcast. If you are feeling lonely for someone gone ahead of you today, I promise you Lauren’s words will help you look up & feel ok about it all. She believes. I believe. And so did granny Nancy & her gift of belief is all wrapped up in this episode. Hope you enjoy x